Ability and Capability

February 13, 2018 Post Comment Uncategorised

Toying with Linguistics

All languages are full of their own little linguistic “tricks” and ambiguities. English is no exception.

We ALL have abilities. They are innate, in our nature, and we are born with them – albeit in a very raw state. We then grow our abilities – starting with how we move and manipulate our bodies, and how we communicate. Then – at some point in our youth – we begin to CAP most of our abilities. We CAP, or limit our abilities through believing we are just plain ordinary. Some people break out of that illusion and AMAZE us. We MARVEL at their abilities, their dedication, and their sacrifices.

But WE could never be like that – because even though we were born uniquely extraordinary and believed in that truth for a while, the “Grown Up” World (and how it works) conspired to repeatedly tell us all about the things that we CAN’T do, not what we CAN.

Sadly, most of us, before we have even reached the age of 10, have already garnered enough CAPS, enough limitations on our abilities, to last us for the rest of our lives. Equally sadly, most of us hold onto the beliefs about what we are and are not capable of – and live out our lives accordingly.

However there is another world, of infinite possibilities, away from the critical and disparaging glass-ceilinged world we have come to believe.


Maverick Coach World

The World of the Maverick Coach says, “HOLD ON!”
“There is cap, NO ceiling on your possibilities and abilities. In Maverick Coach world there is only the matter of HOW and WHEN.”
And that Maverick Coach worldview goes on,

“I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself. I can point you there, but you have to have the curiosity and passion to get there.”

Inside us all, at a rather deep level, is our own maverick “Inner Coach”. When we were very young this innate characteristic drove our sense of awe, our sense of wonder and our sense of curiosity. Every day was an adventure and we set out to discover. However, some of our discovery involved encounters with the “couldn’t”, “don’t”, “wouldn’t”, “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, “won’t” and “doesn’t” nature of reality.
And it was within these encounters that we lost some of our innate curiosity – and we lost touch with our Inner Coach.

Yet here’s the thing …

We haven’t really lost anything. Our Inner Coach is still there. It’s just that we’ve lost touch. When our battery is flat or we’ve got no signal it doesn’t mean that IS IT, gone forever, set in stone, yadayada …
It just means recharge your device – go where the reception is better – change your provider! And if your provider, your current world view, is Capping your Abilities, then take some self-directed action! It IS, entirely, up to you!