Perspectives Shift

The last four weeks have seen THE most dramatic changes of circumstances for all of us. Our daily relationship with our thoughts has taken on a whole new meaning and the resulting impact on our mental wellbeing is having some quite unfamiliar consequences.

Having more time on our hands might have been something we’d longed for back in the hurlyburly of “the old norm.”
Yet, I don’t know about you, but I’m finding being alone with my thoughts far more brings new challenges to my perspectives and ability to remain in a state of clarity and being objective with my thinking.
There are upsides, however, as I find I’m now able to help clients more in a virtual way via video or voice calls – which they too are finding far more beneficial than either of us might have first expected. 

“Getting to understand more about HOW I’m breathing, discovering the direct links between my thoughts and my feelings, is really helpful in these days and weeks of social distancing and self-isolation. I find I’m now more able to get a sense of being able to hit the RESET button to feeling relaxed and grounded”
“Thank you SO much – that brief conversation we had just gave me  that little bit of guided ME TIME so I can tackle these rather unfamiliar life circumstances from a better place!”

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