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Our entire experience of the world and our place in it is governed by our relationship with our Thinking. Any time we want to change any experience, then we change a part of that relationship – or to put it simply – we change our Mind. My guiding role, as your Specialist coach, is to enable you to change your Mind and discover your #Special!

Personal Development

Personal development begins at our conception and continues throughout our lives. It never really stops, even if we feel it is “on hold”. It is engendered by perceptual change – whereby we notice a difference, we learn, we develop.

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Changing Perceptions

As people we are not our behaviours, abilities or our beliefs. However, all these things ARE shaped by our perceptions. Consequently I believe if we want to change or learn how to, then it all starts with our perceptions.

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Hypnotherapy is simple yet amazing and works through the means of language, using directed attention and imagination, and enables clients to access inner resources beyond normal conscious perception.

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Every one of us has some issue in our lives that we’d like to get to grips with – to take control.

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I first met Peter at a networking event and was gifted his book ``Navigating the Ship of You``. I like Peter's approach to wellness. He puts you at ease within moments - I call it getting back to 'feel good'. I used to call him the “Walk the Floor Guy”, after a reference to one of his literatures where he was discussing a process flow he had recommended for when working out stuff. It is good to have other alternatives and a more holistic approach to challenges that you may incur. In this modern age where stress is on the increase, people are needing reminders that you do not need to 'have it all', and you need someone who can provide you with the tools to get back to balance. This is what you will find when working with Peter. It is pleasure to also have him as one of my friends.- Sophia Husbands, Writer, Podcaster, Mentor, Consultant
Peter is one of those people that you come across in life that possesses such a warm and calming sense of being and natural ability to help anyone. Using his mastery of empathy, Peter is able to help people the way they need it. Peter has a pure talent and ability to display soul through his work, leaving clients more aware of themselves and their world. Indeed Peter is one of a kind and deserve to be recognised for who his is and what he does. Comes Highly recommended.- Dan Underwood, Owner, Equipping Tomorrows People & Underwood Photography