Coaching & Walking

The Stunning Backdrop that heralds our Self Renewal

Amidst the hurly-burly of life, we can often become detached – whether from our inner selves, from a clear perspective, or from our sense of wellbeing. In these times we can feel overwhelmed by circumstances or our environment, and what we need is to slow down our thinking,  bring more clear light into our lives, get out of our heads and back in touch with nature in a complete change of surroundings.

Like me, many people have experienced amazing shifts in perspectives, and for some these can be life-changing. As our minds settle down, insights and wisdom emerge from being hidden in the midst of all that noisy foreground of clamour, baggage and clutter. This sets the stage for us to get clear on those answers to important questions, problems and issues in our lives that have eluded us – back in the daily pressure-cooker of our “real” world.

Me Time!

My walking coaching sessions can give you an excellent opportunity for some guided “me” time. Along the coastline where I live in North Devon there are some of the finest walks in the country – where communicating with the raw awesomeness of nature can elevate one’s wellbeing from both a physical and a mental perspective. This helps prepare the ground, sets up the blank canvas for purposeful engagement with the entire Walking and Coaching experience. Through directing the nature of our focus and attention, we can use  that experience to our advantage. Rather like a Sherpa, as your coach and guide there’ll be continuous and ample opportunities for you and I to discuss and explore areas where you’re looking for more clarity and understanding in and from your experience – whether that might be at work, or business, sport or social, or indeed any area of performance in your life.



More than 1-to-1 … ?

The Walking Coaching programme is based on our person-to-person interaction and engagement in the course of the 2-3 hours of the duration of the Walk. If, however, you would prefer to do the Coaching Walk session with a colleague or partner then this can be arranged – since I also do group Walking Coaching sessions (for up to 4 persons). The price will still be the same as well, rather than a different price per person.
There will less opportunity for personal coaching with more participants of course, however, the impact of the stunning backdrop is never diminished!

All the details of how to book and other arrangements is laid out below – including a list of the various areas and itineraries to help you with your choice.

How it works …

The Coaching Walks last between 2-3 hours and are the same price as my Single Session Coaching sessions – £95.

In Advance – You will need to choose your suitable dates, plus which area you would like to base your Itinerary and perhaps a specific walk (start and finish) you’d like to engage me for.

Next – Contact me to check my availability – and also if you’d like to discuss any recommendations I might have to help you in making your choice. I can then reserve the dates/times for you whilst you make arrangements elsewhere for any overnight accommodation you might require.

Details – Once the dates and other arrangements are complete, we can then finalise the length of the walk and level of challenge you are looking for along the way – and then agree upon the route and any other details. Finally we will arrange a rendezvous point and time. If you are planning a visit over a weekend, or a few days at a time – and you want to book more than one Coaching & Walking session – then we can discuss possible price reductions for the second and subsequent walks.

Finalise – We can then finalise our plans and at that stage I will also require from you a small deposit, which would be refundable in the event of a cancellation within 2 hours of our Rendezvous (Start) Time.

Walk Day Weather Arrangements – If it appears that the weather on our Walk Day is likely to be unsuitable or challenging, then we can always cancel and/or make alternative arrangements. In the event of us not managing to make the walk, of course, your deposit would also be refunded.

Your Choice of Itineraries

Exmoor and Bristol Channel Coast – Dunkery Beacon; Porlock Weir – Culbone – County Gate; Countisbury – Watersmeet – Lynmouth; Lynton – Valley of Rocks – Lynmouth; Hunter’s Inn – Woody Bay – Martinhoe; Heddon’s Mouth – Trentishoe; Holdstone Down – Great Hangman; Combe Martin – Little Hangman – Watermouth – Ilfracombe; Ilfracombe area – Lee Downs – Lee Bay; Lee Bay – Bull Point – Rockham Bay – Morte Point – Mortehoe;
Atlantic Coast – Morte Point, Woolacombe, The Sands, Woolacombe Down, Putsborough, Baggy Point, Croyde Bay, Croyde Village, Saunton Down.
This list is almost inexhaustible, and is constantly being added to!