Lamplighters 2


Many years ago before electric street lights, the lamplighter was a man who was employed by the town to go round lighting all the street lamps at the onset of evening, and minding them and keeping them lit throughout the night. He would also put them out in the morning.
This book is a metaphorical look at lamplighting, and instances where we can take steps to keep our mental lamps alight and the streets of our life well lit. It takes a closer look at some of our cultural myths, preconceptions and superstitions. It examines some of the “young wives’ tales” that sneak, via parlance, into the fabric of our understanding of our world – that world that our perceptions have, often while we were looking the other way, fashioned into being ‘the real world’.
I am delighted to announce that “Lamplighters” – which I wrote back in 2012 – is now available as an Audiobook, narrated and produced (or as I like to put it, REALISED) by Ana Clements.
When I use the word ‘Realise’ in the way I have mentioned above, it encompasses so much more than just ‘produced by’, let’s say. I actually use the meaning of the word in French –réalisation – which encomapasses meaning such as achievement, accomplishmentor, in performance terms – fulfilment.
Indeed, I would say the intention and meaning of what I wrote more than five years ago has now been fulfilled, in an utterly magical way, by Ana Clements’ reading.
In truth, for me as the author, I discovered so much more about my own creative writing when I heard Ana’s interpretation of my words. I heard things, I noticed meanings, that I could never have heard via my own voice – which is the way we hear things when we read to ourselves. We “hear” via our own “internal voice” – and my own voice, reading my own words, was clearly not capable of conveying all the substance, the meaning, I had embedded within my own text.
This was an alchemy that I had not expected nor had been prepared for. I had encountered a whole new layer of understanding that brought spontaneous tears, laughter, smiles, nods of approval, and occasional sighs of amazement.
That was how it was for me.It is my sincerest wish that you will, as I have, hear something new, essential and relevant for you in your Life and experience going forward. The book is – as I have announced it – a metaphorical look at Lamplighting; an invitation for you to rub your eyes, to blink and see things in a new light, to shift certain aspects of the mindsets and patterns you employ in your Life, and to notice how once we set out to transform our thinking, alter our perspective, that we are, quite often, presented with a future that is altogether more compelling.

The book itself is available in paperback and Kindle versions. However, I would invite you to use these as mere backdrop to the real REALISATION that Ana Clements brings to the words.

It is a collaboration I have enjoyed hugely and one that I hope we can continue in some of my other titles!

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