Keeping an Inner Watch

January 30, 2017 Post Comment Uncategorised
Keep watch over me, oh my Soul.
As the night gathers around my Self, in that moonless, Stygian gloom, keep watch over me.
When I feel misunderstood and abandoned by friends and loved ones, and the warmth of my Fire no longer gives me comfort or has any meaning;
when my Self feels utterly helpless, keep watch over me, oh my Soul.
“Life’s too short,” I often say to myself – and of course it is, when measured against the vast eternity of the Cosmos. Yes, Life goes on, though not my life. When the good things I like in life seem pointless and serve no purpose or selfish enrichment – it is time to reach out to you, oh my Soul. When the pleasures of life and Life grow dim and there is nothing to divert me to the ordinaries and extra-ordinaries of my days, speak into that nothingness, oh my Soul. For then I will hear you above the clamour.
It is then, in those moments of quiet, or when I feel a growing sense of abandonment, that I need to Feel your presence, Hear your voice, See What IS through your eyes. In these moments, when my own Self is losing all will or is bent on destruction, there is only my eternal companion who is there with me – and that is you, oh my Soul. You are always there – if only my Self would know it.
With my Understanding you to be there, and Realisation of your presence, I am complete. There is nothing I cannot achieve, there is no joy kept from me; I can overcome all discomfort and disease and feel no pain; or be visited by any fear, misery or self loathing. I can even be at one with the day of my Passing.
Raise me, oh my Soul, to be with you –
reach through my gloom and lift my Self into your light.
Show me how simple it is to Understand what is happening to me, and the means by which I can return Home to be at One with you –
as it was when I was born. Keep watch over me, oh my Soul.