No Excuses!

August 20, 2014 Post Comment Uncategorised

As someone who has regularly posted 4-5 blog articles per month for the last few years, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that since the end of March 2014 I have only written four articles.

Well, it would be easy to make excuses, however, the real reason has been a very busy schools’ summer term – where I was spreading the fun of learning and playing cricket – plus, and here’s what I’d like to expand on today, a concerted and diligent effort assembling the next book.

Here is a short description of what is in store …

Navigating the Ship of You is a book set in two parts and is all about discovery,
exploration and sailing the vast oceans of our lives.

Part One examines the Art of Navigation and its key
components and related natural phenomena. These help us learn how to discover,
explore, map and sail those vast oceans in a better way so as to enrich our
Part Two contains stories of some of the encounters on both
my own voyages and the voyages of some of those I have helped, guided and explored
with and sailed alongside. The stories help to illustrate, in a practical way,
not only some of the key navigational principles in Part One, but also some of
the mishaps that can befall a novice, or an unsuspecting or less than watchful

There is no such
thing as plain sailing, which is – arguably – the first thing we need to
acknowledge. Life and its manifold circumstances serves up a vast and varied
climate for our voyages and journeys, so our expertise and mastery of the Art
of Navigation is of vital importance to our perspective, understanding and
appreciation of what life in general, and our life in particular, is all about.

When exploring some new viewpoints on what can only be described as age-old material, there are always a number of interesting discoveries along the way. The ever-present material is Thought and Language, yet I have been discovering that by approaching the aspect of language not just from verbal and non-verbal perspectives, but from many other perspectives, a whole new and more expanded understanding began to open up. Similarly, when exploring the ways we can set about harnessing the power of thought I began to get answers to, and understandings of, areas where previous explanations were not always forthcoming.

In many ways writing up and mapping my own explorations and discoveries served as a useful and ongoing tutelage for me in how I approach the people I encounter within the domain of my coaching and change-work. In other words, I found it a good way of “learning the ropes” of my evolving methodology!

Navigating the Ship of You will soon (end of September 2014) be available for pre-order as an eVersion on Kindle. This short delay is due to the process of finalising the content for the paperback version which I hope will be ready round about the same time. News on that will follow on this blog as the time approaches.