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Now I don’t propose here to write something scientific about
the nature of a substance or particle, or write something particularly substantive
about anything in nature, or indeed express in words anything that is really natural
in some way, shape or form.

No, metaphors and ambiguities aside, I’d like to come
straight to the point about what really matters. What does matter?

You know that quip “Do you believe in Mind over Matter”?
The clue is in the answer, “Well if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter!”

And as clue follows clue, the truth (to you at least) about
whether something matters or not is purely down to if you “Mind” – or, in other
words, if it is important to you.

A further clue here is in important, like that, where
we import
whatever it is that matters into our Mind.

And this presupposes that it was never there in our Mind in
the first place.

So where did it come from?

Thought Energy

I talk a lot these days about thought energy, about the
nature of it being likened unto being a constituent part of a formless and
endless stream that just flows through our lives. We can notice and select parts,
or particles, of this formless energy and import it into our minds. That that
we do not select just flows on in the stream, uninterrupted.

We then have a number of particles of thought energy which
we can then choose to grow or discard, or keep in abeyance – perhaps there on
the ‘backburner’, if you like.
Of course when we discard the import it is gone, blown away like a grain of
sand back onto the beach. And once gone back onto the beach we are never going
to notice that particular grain amongst all the others.

And what, then, of the ones we have kept?

Well, there are the ones on the ‘back burner’ – that unnamed
retentive place in our memory. Once the thought is there it isn’t being ‘grown’
but we feel there might be some as yet unknown use for it – to us – at some future
point. When that use comes around, we might then choose to ‘grow’ that thought
we have kept in abeyance.
We may be considering a particular thing as being perhaps of some importance to
us and we’ll remember, “Oh yes, I was
keeping X on the back burner somewhere in mind. Let’s go and find it and add
its weight to this thing of importance I’m considering here. This will justify
my keeping X all that time, plus it now, too, has an importance that I will
keep growing.”

In whatever way we might particularly grow our thoughts, this ‘inner dialogue’
has probably taken place in order to match X.

Then there are the thoughts we grow right from the moment of
import. And perhaps it is here – in the domain of thought processing – where the
thoughts cease to be formless energy, and take on a form of their very own. We
begin to make the formless energy into something Real. At least – something that’s
real as far as we are concerned.


The Growing

The next stage of growing is to amplify the importance, so
that it begins to matter to us. Of course, as we know, the more it matters to
us the more important it gets. Very soon, and maybe even by now, the reality of
… whatever it is … has become so almost tangible, that we’ve lost all sense
of it being under our control. We’ve lost the sense of choice, and here the
option to ‘discard’ feels out of our reach.

At some point in this growth process we might run the idea past
someone else – because ‘thought’ has already grown and morphed into an ‘idea’.
And remember we are very good at grouping ‘ideas’ into ‘sets’, which is also
part of the growing process!
Of course, the person we’re running the idea past might give us their opinion,
and here – depending on their opinion, and the credibility we assign to this
particular person – we extend to them our choosing process. “You decide,” we
can almost hear ourselves saying.

If it matters not a fig to them, if they attach no
importance to the idea – AND tell us – then we may consider discarding the
idea, or perhaps putting it on the ‘back burner’. If it’s an absolutely
scatter-brained idea then they’ll have done us a favour if we discard it. If we
choose not to, then our brains deserve to be well and truly scattered!

But if it matters to them as well, then the weight of their
importance is now added to ours – and in our mind its growth is at once accelerated,
and it is well on the way to becoming a full-blown belief.

We then, by further thought processes, reach the point where
what matters, what’s important to us, has been inducted into the Hall of our
Beliefs and Values.
Now it may be hard to comprehend, but let’s remember that it started out as a
formless particle. A particle that was accelerated, and then grown – by us –
into this glorious edifice!
What’s the matter?

So a client comes to see me and I might very well ask them, “So how can I help? What’s the matter?”
And they’ll describe what’s the matter,
and I’ll test their worldview to see just how much of a handle they have on all
matter, like that.

Ask Yourself this, is very much the next stage in my approach, because regularly checking out with ourselves about matter can be
quite a liberating process. A little bit of self-interrogation every time we
observe our inner and outer language using words like “important” and phrases such
as “it matters to me” probably wouldn’t go amiss.

How much does it
matter? Am I growing this matter? For what purpose do I retain this matter? Am
I losing sight of something else by holding onto this matter? How real is this
matter to me? How much of this matter is my own? How much of this matter is
familiar to me?

“I’ve had a lousy day
at work – I
need a drink/some chocolate as a comfort, a
reward, a respite, to make all the ‘lousy’ go away.”
This may be familiar
to you as it is or maybe in some other guise!

So, this need – how important is it to you?
How much does it matter – and then launch all the other questions listed above
too. And notice your responses, especially “Shut up” or “To hell with the
consequences.” Because in those two are the very real and damning responses to ‘How Real is this matter to me?’

It is in the very nature of our own matter, that it is ALL
important to us. Some of the matter we want to keep and grow some more; some of
it we have, until now, kept and grown it – and now it is important enough to us
to want to discard it. From nail-biting, comfort eating and fear of spiders right
across to wanting more confidence, motivation and positivity – these are things
that matter to us, they are important. Some we want more of, some we want to

The ones we want to stop are the very ones we have ‘grown’
at some stage in our lives – and the ones we want more of, we don’t know how to
grow at this stage of our lives. There is an irony here!

It is all down to the nature of Matter.
And here’s the thing

Once we understand the nature of Matter then we’ll know how we’ve grown it, we’ll
know how to discard it and we’ll realise the part our mind plays in the very
existence of Matter.

Then, we’ll be able to lead our lives more in the way we
want, no matter what!

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