Muscular rehab revisited – cultivating a positive Mind-Body Link for healing!

November 17, 2010 Post Comment Uncategorised

In an earlier post I wrote about how a change in mental attitude had started to bring about a physical improvement in a long-standing knee problem.

Last week I had occasion to make two visits to my rehab specialist – the first was a knee and thigh massage and then the following day an exercise session on the Reformer.

I explained to her about my change to a more positive, emotion-free, attitude and how it had come about and she said that she noticed some physiological imrpovements in certain muscles surrounding the knee. These were borne out by her observations on day 2, as I worked through some exercises on the Reformer.

She just kept saying “Amazing!” – and we both underlined our beliefs in the fact that the human body is a wonderful thing and that positive mind-body links are crucial to the healing process.
I now run (it’s a jog at the moment to be honest) in occasional short bursts, and find it (a) manageable and (b) not detrimental in any way. It all seems to add to recovery by usage which is building and strengthening muscle.

More future bulletins are likely!