Minor miracles and cosmic conjunctions!

November 1, 2010 Post Comment Uncategorised

I’ve had one of those discoveries this last week – a discovery where you feel that celestial bodies are in alignment and that cosmic forces have combined to give you a nudge!

Here’s the background –
About a year ago I was running one of our rugby training sessions – it was a dry evening and so instead of changing into boots I just wore trainers. There was a hint of laziness in this! As the evening wore on the grass got dewy – and, in the course of the activities my right leg shot out in front on the wet grass and I hyper-extended the knee, exacerbating a 34 year-old injury.
In the time since then, on and off, I’ve suffered somewhat – and in spite of remedial treatment, I often felt that nothing was getting better. In fact there have been days when things were decidedly worse! Running has been impossible – sleeping or sitting in one position for a length of time makes the act of standing up awkward and painful. So driving, getting out of bed etc is a bit of a trial. Even though I’ve always taken the view that walking as normal as possible is a good corrective way of recuperating from leg injuries, my limp is getting more noticeable (so people tell me).

With the people I coach, I talk a lot about living fully in the Now – playing in the Now. Now is where it matters – yesterday has gone – tomorrow never comes. And once the importance of the Now is accepted and fully engaged, then perceptions and beliefs and lives begin to change. I’ve talked to people about accepting themselves as they are “right now” and noticed some really fundamental changes in their physiologies – changes that signal some real shifts for them on the inside. However – when it came to applying-to-self with respect to that knee I’ve been stuck.

Until now! Until the “cosmic” line up began to impact….

1. In the course of studying, reading and listening to interviews by those involved with The 3 Principles (Mind, Consciousness and Thought) I have come to understand that Thought has been getting in the way with regards to my sensual experiences and perceptions about this injury. Day by day I have been adding emotional content to the pain and discomfort – and this has been the cause of the lack of healing.
2. I was watching an interview on DVD with Tim Hallbom and Robert Dilts called “Journey into the structure of your beliefs & how you create reality”. Fascinating and engaging as this was, I really paid close attention when Robert Dilts began talking about his mother (Patricia Dilts) and her life after the recurrence of metastatic breast cancer. Hers is a powerful and inspiring story (related in My Pathway to Wholeness – 1992), and resonates with those of some dear people I have known also.

One of the things I particularly remember in the 1999 eclipse was how the birds fell silent and then re-awakened once the eclipse had passed. Watching Robert Dilts relate the story of his mother rather silenced the birds for me in the run up to event number 3.

3. I have a number of Twitter accounts, and as is the case I often get sent messages or read postings that have a link to what is often quoted as “something useful” or “a gift”. Without the benefit of endless free time, I rarely follow these up – but on this one occasion I did. Was it random or providence? It turned out to be a 10 minute guided meditation by Jim Kitzmiller called “Perfect Self Meditation”.
The essence of this particular meditation is that from here (and every) moment of NOW, we just need to notice and acknowledge that what we are is perfect – nothing more, nothing less. This is really so very simple, that it is easy to take forward into everyday consciousness. As such it transcends Thought and becomes Consciousness, and just needs to be noticed and affirmed.

After first listening to the meditation I just stood up straight and walked to another room, rather amazed that there was no period of leg straightening, no initial or residual limp. It felt curious and liberating. I then re-listened with particular focus on some aching and very sensitive teeth in my upper jaw. Again, the pain dissolved and I was able to drink various hot and cold items without any recoil!
From that evening I have re-listened a number of times and the continuing and ongoing results are equally positive.

I’m not a person particularly prone to miracle cures from the outside, but I do know that the Mind knows no bounds. And in that, we are all capable of far more than we ever think we are. Certainly, for me, the conjunction of these events – the arrival of these three trains of thought in the station at the same time – has set in motion something significant.
And this will – going forward – be something I know will be of use to me and many others I come into contact with in the coming weeks, months and years.

The message is –
We should never under-estimate the relevance of anything we do, no matter how unconnected or random or pointless it may seem.