Losing my car keys!

October 31, 2010 Post Comment Uncategorised

Last Saturday afternoon I watched our 2nd XV rugby at home. In the bar after the game, I became aware that my car keys had gone – no longer in my various pockets.

I went out to the pitch and proceeded to retrace as many steps as I could, remembering where I’d walked in the course of watching the match. I was confident at this stage I would find them, and I engaged in some conscious-unconscious dialogue to pool all resources! All to no avail!

I left the car at the club field and got a lift home. Next day was pleasant and sunny, so I incorporated walking the dog with re-searching the relevant areas of the field. Again, no joy. I then went to the police station to see if they had been handed in. This turned up nothing either!
At this stage I was beginning to think the best method was to use a metal detector – without really applying some of my own previously used methods.

Monday came,and it was another sunny day – so I set out once more to search.
Only this time I decided to be meticulous in (a) my walking the search areas and (b) my close attention to those areas.

In the course of a lot of my technical sports coaching, I tell players to REALLY watch the ball, study rather than just look at it. I concluded that in the course of my previous searches I had been looking for something small enough to be covered by leaves and hidden in lengthy grass. I wasn’t giving it my ‘best shot’ in other words – I was guessing, and not even best guessing.

I duly found the keys, and with it came a surge of feeling of success and freedom – rather akin to how I felt when I passed my driving test many years ago!

Apart from the obvious – what learning opportunities has this presented for me?

* Was the losing of the keys unconsciously noticeable?
* Heed my own advice and use ALL the sensual resources available to me.
* Avoid guesswork when quality information is easily available.
* Is this kind of search an analogue or a digital process? When I know the answer, act accordingly.