What Makes a Genius? Its the detail that counts for me

February 19, 2010 Post Comment Uncategorised

I managed to watch this programme in earnest this evening:-


Once again with Horizon gems like this, I find that the really exciting jewels for me are embedded in the detail of the programme.

For instance – About 37 minutes in there is a 3-4 minutes section on how a person who has been deaf for over 20 years can now “see” by the brain processing certain inputted sonic data. This data has been produced by software which has converted elements of outline visual data through a specially adapted camera.

So, in effect, this person is learning how to see by using different sensual data. Interestingly Marcus de Sautoy also mentions the background sensual data we receive and process – eg in the case of auditory data we “hear” things more than just via our ears. Vibrations, resonances, distance, depth and other spatial information – all of which goes to enrich our perceptions.

For me, genius comes in many guises – from creative to interpretive. And very occasionally the world is presented with a person who has genius quality in not one but a number of fields.

It is what makes us awesome creatures.