Mastery II

December 14, 2009 Post Comment Uncategorised

Having finished reading Mastery by George Leonard, here as promised earlier in the blog, are some reflections:-

Through his expertise, discoveries and learnings in aikido Leonard draws a path, a route towards Mastery, that embodies virtually all my values and beliefs. Little wonder then that I agreed and applauded almost every page.

He outlines 5 essential keys to Mastery and gives the reader many tools to help and how to avoid pitfalls along the way. He introduces us to the Dabbler, the Obsessive and the Hacker – 3 personality types that are obstacles to Mastery. And reading about these in particular I was able to recognise many people I have encountered in life – and in relation to some subjects, myself!

This is a highly recommendable book – not particularly long – but containing such a rich vein of advice that everyone who is serious about some part of what they do in life should read it, and have it in their personal library.
(Thanks to Jamie Smart of Salad Ltd for the enlightening advice, which spurred me on to acquiring it.)