‘Me’ time  ~  Taking the chance to get away from it all.

Amidst the hurly-burly of life, we can often become detached whether from our inner selves, from a clear perspective, or from our sense of wellbeing. In these times, we can feel overwhelmed by circumstances or our environment, and what we need is to slow down our thinking, bring more clear light in our lives, get out of our heads and back in touch with nature in a complete change of surroundings.

Morte Point

My walks and talks can give you an excellent opportunity for some guided “me” time. Along the coastline where I live in North Devon there are some of the finest walks in the country – and these provide an excellent backdrop for some mental and physical renewal.

Heddon’s Mouth

The walks, via steep, hilly challenges and long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches – are always with the sounds of the seas and breaking waves close by, and the invigorating clear, clean air coming straight off the Atlantic Ocean. You can walk and talk, or mindfully reflect, whilst communicating with the awesome power of nature.

Many people have experienced amazing shifts in their perspectives and, for some, it can be life-changing, as the mind settles down and we begin to notice our own wisdom and insights once more. The stage is set for us to get clear on those answers to important questions, problems, issues in our lives that have eluded us – back in the daily pressure-cooker of our “real” world.

Set over one or two days of a weekend, the “Get Aways” involve either a one or two-night stay in accommodation of your own choice – with my guided walks taking place on Saturdays and/or Sundays. During our time spent together you’ll have unbroken access to my perspectives on coaching, life pathways and Inside-Out nature of reality. There’ll be ample opportunity to talk over areas where you might be looking for more clarity and understanding, and along the way there will be pointers to how, for each and every one of us, our relationship with our thinking can frame every decision and every action we choose to take in our lives.

Woody Bay

Our understanding of this relationship helps prepare the ground, sets up the blank canvas, for our collective walking experience and how we can, through directing our focus and attention, all use that experience to our advantage.

On each walking day, en route, we break for lunch, and on the Saturday evenings of the longer weekends we have dinner together at a suitable establishment near the “finishing line” of whichever route we have taken that day.

Perhaps you are feeling that such a complete change of environment and activity is the kind of thing that could bring about some transformation in your life, or maybe you are just looking for a short disengagement from the daily stresses and pressures and to get away from it all – either way, it would be great to be your guide and enable you to bring that to fruition!

Please do contact me if you are interested in coming to any of the walks on the dates listed below. Also – if these dates are not convenient and you would like to make a special visit to my part of the world at any other time, for a more individual one-to-one walk-and-talk, then please contact me and we can make arrangements!

Baggy Point from Marine Drive

Spring programmes 2018 now completed
More planned programmes tba later in the year!