The Space Walk

November 10, 2016 Post Comment Uncategorised

On Saturday 8th October I joined my good friend Liz Scott on one of her Dartmoor walks. These walks are centred around locating certain crosses, of which there are many dotted in and around the Moor – and she takes along her sound recording equipment in order to interview conversations she has along the way with her companions.
This day I was delighted to be one of those companions and we shared our thoughts on a topic that, for me, is very much central to all coaching and particularly to transformative coaching – Insights.


Insights emerge from our innate place of wisdom, and as they present themselves in our consciousness, they assume a rather similar identity to our thinking, the trains of our thoughts, the products of our harnessing the power of thought. However, whilst our thinking has emerged from our intellect, our insights have emerged from a much deeper place – the inner mind, you might say, or the deeper energy that is linked to our soul. This is the spiritual plane, which I tend to refer to as the Cosmic Domain – a universal place where everything just IS.

Needless to say, this is a very far-out view and might actually beg the question – am I, as a human being, really connected to all this, even something way out at the far reaches of the universe? Am I, as a very ordinary person surrounded by the very ordinary trappings of everyday life with all my trials and tribulations, am I really connected to all that out there?

Cosmic Domain

Well for me the answer is a resounding YES, and there’s a very interesting link between the vastness of the Cosmic Domain and ourselves that involves … space. They say nature abhors a vacuum – and in a similar way it could be said that our conscious intellect, our Ego if you like, abhors space.
In our busy lives we are beset with endless boatloads of thoughts, and if there is any space around we tend to want to fill that space. Of course, in the very act of filling the space we ask masking our insights!
One of the joyous spin-offs from such a walk as ours on that day, was the fact that we were surrounded AND in the midst of, a huge amount of physical space. Some of the views were almost as astounding as gazing up at the heavens on a very starry night, where it is easy to get a sense of staring into the infinite. Yet – out there in the infinite – is a sense of Home, where we connect with our inner, our spiritual self. And it is as if our insights are a message from Home perhaps saying “here is the way back,” “here is the answer,” “you have everything you need,” or “don’t worry – be happy,” even.


Another aspect of the vastness of space is our Inner Space. This is a space where, at a molecular level, we know from science that there is more space than substance. In our psyche, also, there are enormous areas of space, that – even if we just consider them, imagine them – can have an extraordinary calming and beneficial effect.

The thing about all this is that it is so very easy to ignore it all, to let it pass us by because we have to attend to what is going on right now, to prepare for what is coming tomorrow, and to remind ourselves about all the yesterdays.
Yet there is so very much more going on out there, and in there, in the vastness of our spiritual places.

Anyway – enough of a preamble!
Here is the recording of some musings on our actual AMBLE, our walk or, as I called it …
Our Journey Into Space!

Be Well!