Navigating The Ship of You … The Concluding Page

September 10, 2014 Post Comment Uncategorised
One of the crucial things we need to remember about Life is
that ALL of our roads lead not to Rome
– but to our Final Resting Place.
As a result, all the roads and all the journeys then become
of THE most paramount importance to us – and that importance then filters out
to those we love and those we influence. 
The more roads travelled and the more
journeys undertaken – the fuller and richer all our lives will be as a result.
We often hear of the rueful catalogues of regrets and missed
opportunities from people at the end of their lives. All the “I wish I hads …” and the things they
would have done differently, are testament to the relevance of perhaps how they
could’ve been contenders; how they could’ve been better at Navigating their Ship of You.
By the same token, the lists of “Fifty things to do before I die”
that abound, also are a reminder that we forever dream to lift our noses from
the grindstone and put some self-directed perspective into our lives – Before it is too late!
We were never born with that grindstone, but we looked at it
and were told it was our salvation – and then, in true Faustian manner, we have
sold our souls to it.

Would it not be a
better thing to dare, for –as we know –  Who
Dares Wins

“So, allow your soul
to dare,
to sail out toward the unknown region.
To venture across where there is
neither ground for the feet nor any path to follow.”

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and my previous blog “No Excuses” gives some further details on the nature and scope of the book.