The Wand or The Baton

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I’m an avid lover of all music, all styles and
genres, from ancient to modern. Plus I’m an avid lover of language and, like
with music, all the nuts and bolts of language.

Now the interesting thing about them both is that
they are, essentially, a means of communication – pure and simple. On a micro
and a macro level they are both human vehicles for expressing ourselves to the
world – to our fellow humans. When the two are put together, through even the
simplest of vehicles such as song for example, the potency of the message, the
communication, is doubled. Words and music can have both a magical and an
intellectual effect, they bring us meaning on both a sensual as well as a
cognitive level. 

Driving  (Con moto)
I like to tell stories, to use metaphor in
particular, to bring a broadened perspective to clients who are looking to
change some things in certain areas of their lives.
We all use the narrative of our lives to help make
sense of things – of the world, if you like – so we can move forwards along our
various pathways. We generally like to seek the familiar and the comfortable –
for we all know how to ‘manage’ the familiar, don’t we?
Sometimes the pathways we travel contain ruts and potholes – but if the road is
familiar, then we know where they are and we can steer round them, avoid them.
Even if we happen to drive over them and feel the ‘bump’, then we’ll assure
ourselves that our vehicle is tough, our tyres are strong enough and though there
may be a little collateral damage – that’s ok, because we’re still able to get
from A to B.
Now, occasionally we’ll break down or get stuck – mainly because of the way we’ve
driven our metaphorical vehicle, the way we’ve ‘conducted’ ourselves. We’ve
suddenly gone ‘off-road’ through bad navigation or poor driving and we’ve wound
up amongst some ‘familiar’ that is no longer familiar! It’s our driving, our
narrative, our habits that have got us into this particular place, quagmire,
quicksand … you name it!
Now, anyone who has ever got a vehicle stuck in mud knows
that trying to get out using the way of driving that got us in there in the
first place, is only going to end up with the wheels spinning and the vehicle
sinking even further in.
We need a helping hand to push us, or tow us, out of
the issue.
Or …
We need to change the nature of what’s happening between the tyres and the boggy
surface. This will change the vehicle’s perspective about its interface with
the world.

Music of Our Lives
For each one of us, the course of our lives is
backed by a soundtrack. There is a music to our lives that accompanies us every
step of the way.
When our lives are in tune, and we are playing along
to that music – then everything is as good as it can be. We are an amazing and
accomplished orchestra, artfully, effortlessly, sensitively, joyfully,
sympathetically and humbly playing the symphony of our lives.
Every small part of ourselves is a separate
instrument, each playing its own section of the score – sometimes in solo,
sometimes in ensemble. Sometimes playing SO well that there is no need to even
look at the score – we are playing intuitively, playing from the heart.
However, things can happen to the score that we know – or we
might be required to play some new and unfamiliar music. A breeze might blow
the papers around; some of the instruments may go slightly out of tune. Now the
music doesn’t quite feel the same, or sound as good.
Another thing that can happen is that one particular
instrument or section of the orchestra may decide to play in a different way – to
be more dominant, less sympathetic, to be ‘out of sync’ with the other
And so on …

I think you can get the notion that how
our own ‘personal’ orchestra plays the music of our lives can – as a
performance – be measured from moment to moment, on the very broadest spectrum.
It is a spectrum that ranges from the most profound and sublime, right through
to total and utter discordant chaos; from agony to ecstasy; from heaven to

or Magic
And, so it is, when their wheels are spinning and some
of life’s music doesn’t sound so good, that people will seek out that ‘helping
hand’ that I mentioned earlier.
And for some I am privileged to be – for a short
period of time in their lives – the ‘helping hand’.
Now, although I work a lot
with clients of all ages, and in a wide variety of contexts, I may be a helping
hand – but I am certainly no magician.
For me, magic is in the eye of the beholder – rather
like beauty.
Magicians perform their magic in the eyes of the
beholders and, some might say, that certain hypnotic and changework processes
are magic, also. The thing is that all that seems magic is mere
process – it is the perception of the beholder or the recipient that pivots the
processes into magic, usually seemlessly, depending upon the craft
and artistry of the magician.
For my clients to change the sounds of their
performance, to get out of their stuck situation, there are certain things that
need to be in place in our relationship.
If my helping hand takes the form of towing them out of the muddy field, or of
tuning their instruments for them – then very soon they will land up exactly back
in the wrong place again. Doing it for them, applying Magic,
gives them a solution that will be very short lived.
My helping hand needs to take a different form – and
I need to be more in the nature of a conductor for their orchestra. I need to be
the facilitator, the focal point, for their performance. They need to be ‘in
sync’, which is my part in the process – and they need to be in tune which is
their part. They have to be acutely aware of their own instrument so they can adjust
it so that it sounds right at any time they need to.  That is their responsibility.
My part then remains the interface between their
playing and their performing; I am their conductor until such time as they can
see, hear and sense their own performance – and be happy with its quality and
return to their best playing of the music of their lives.

Wand or the Baton
There is a great deal of similarity to both the wand
and the baton. – yet, when all is said and done, these are just diverse labels for
identical artefacts.

Place the baton into the
hand of a magician or a wand into the hand of a conductor and what happens to
the meanings we have ascribed?

And will they, as holders, perform differently?