The Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan

I’m a big fan of the TV programme The Dog Whisperer. I watch it on many levels, especially for the changes he makes in the owners more than the dogs themselves – its watching psychology in action, week in week out.

Currently Cesar is on Tour in the UK to sell out and enthusiastic crowds. I caught up with his blog here:
and reading the first entry made me understand his ambition and what drove him towards his goal. I read a similar “moment of amazed personal fulfilment” in Tony Robbins’ “Unlimited Power” where he was on his way to an event, got caught in traffic and then realised the traffic was people who were coming to see him!

Cesar writes it thus:-
“I am so honored to be here. Many years ago, when I said I wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world, I didn’t really expect that I’d end up touring the UK offering help to thousands and thousands of people. Selling out the first show with an audience of 7,500 people was truly humbling for me.”

If you love dogs, then The Dog Whisperer is probably the best programme on TV – always entertaining, captivating, engaging, educational and inspirational.