Mapping Across – Bye bye to Jaffa Cakes?!

Another “Aha!” moment from last week was perhaps submitting to my farewell to jaffa cakes.

During a mapping across exercise I meekly agreed to eliminating my, not so much desire for the little fellas, as opposed to the behaviour of eating a whole packet (or more) at one sitting – by pairing them up with my revulsion of kidneys. As a willing participant I ploughed forward, happy that I have most likely already eaten my last ‘JC’ – even without a video of me devouring them packets at a time to remember them by!

My image of them was pretty near and straight ahead, with sharp and glorious technicolor. Imagine my first surprise then as I located a white plate containing 3 plump raw kidneys. Most of us have no idea of where (spatially) we represent the things we detest – until we are asked that is! Mine were further away, below horizontal and off to the right.

So – off we went, mapping the jaffa cakes over to the right, down slightly and further away. The first thing to go was the brightness and the colour, drained away as if leeched of all vitality. Then came the unsavoury taste in the mouth as I kept a serious gaze into that location. The JCs became visibly grotesque and I really wanted to avert my eyes at this point. I was forbidden to do so by my exercise partner who was doing a really great job at keeping me hooked onto the full awfulness I was experiencing.
“Thank you so much,” I gasped at the end in utter sarcasm. “That was pretty vile.” Looking away was such a relief!

Next test is to get to a supermarket and confront the jaffa cakes on the shelf. I may actually buy them, just so I can go to the next step – although I may not even get that far. Suffice to say if I do buy them and get them out of the packet, then I really should put them on a white plate to really understand what kidneys are like – even though I’ve never eaten them for over 50 years!

Nice work so far – more to report later of course.