Interesting Phenomena!

My daughter was cooking “spag bol” for supper, and we were just chatting about our respective days at work. And I mused, as we both were standing in the kitchen, “Now might be a good time to just have a go at the hand-stick routine as demonstrated by James Tripp”. There was an area of worktop free next to the hob, so I invited her to participate in an experiment with me on awakening and shutting-down various areas of the body and mind without going into trance. Essentially setting up and manipulating some very localised altered states, or as James describes them ‘altered perceptions of reality’.

So I set up the routine, all the while talking thus setting up a ‘hypnotic loop’. When suitably happy that she was fully engaged in this I invited her to lift her hand off the worktop. She started chuckling as her hand was firmly stuck and not moving. Her right hand was hanging quite normally by her side, so I said she might like to use it to stir the pan of bubbling Bolognese sauce. More laughter as she did this with her left hand still stuck fast.
We then moved the ‘stickyness’ in turn to her other hand – then her feet (which stuck to the floor) – then back to her left hand which I stuck to the top of her head – and so on.
All through this she was laughing with surprise and of course was moving quite normally everywhere else and was fully conscious.

The final stage in the experiment in this particular visit was to “un-stick your hand from the top of your head ONLY as soon as you no longer recognise the number ‘4’.” Having continually engaged her in hypnotic loops within the process, this was duly effected, much to her amazement – as her unconscious went in search of ‘4’ and her conscious, although it knew, was disengaged from the process.

In one of James Tripp’s demos, he elicits negative hallucination as the next stage which is fascinating to observe. I have some thoughts of my own to explore the next time I experiment using the technique – and so the interesting intrigue continues!

You can view some of James’ video clips here: