Frogs into Princes

November 2, 2009 Post Comment Uncategorised

Having obtained a copy of Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinder from my local library, I (after a couple of renewals) am just on the point of finishing it.

Having heard a number of NLP gurus mention it as being a “Must read” and as being a book they still go back to, I felt it was necessary that I see for myself!

I need to read it again within the next 6 months or so so that the first third of the book opens itself up to me. Even though I am quite familiar with Richard Bandler’s delivery style, I found that for me the narrative meandered until about p60 – and then it came to life big time and was really interesting and useful.

It was published in 1979 from transcripts of NLP introductory and training workshops. I’d thoroughly recommend it to those who are some way down the NLP road, though- especially as I’ve been told my own book Don’t Think of a Black Cat was “right over my head” or “left me cold I’m afraid” or “can’t get into that kind of stuff”! and I described it as basic.

I will get my own copy probably next year now, as I can’t keep it out of the library permanently!